Improvements 2018-2019

UPDATES & IMPROVEMENTS 2018-19 maintenance and improvements occurring over the last twenty-four months include: For the first time since 2009, the last two years have been relative uneventful. Previous significant works to address issues and ‘right the ship’ of Wildhorse are reflected in previous two-year summaries found on this page. The most significant changes in 2018-19 include:

  • Radon mitigation. We discovered that many Wildhorse homes had radon levels exceeding safety standards. HOA Board member Matt Boisen led the charge to measure and assess these homes and many have now been remedied at Owners’ expense. Special attention was paid to each installation to assure proper functioning with minimal visual impact.

  • The last of the abandoned foundations left by the original developer has been built upon by Wildhorse Homes. This represents over a decade of work to achieve this result that we see as a very positive accomplishment. Four properties have changed hands in the last two years and we’ve seen further appreciation of property values in consort with the up-market conditions the Gunnison Valley.

  • To assist roof-shoveling efforts, the HOA funded approximately $7,200 to put roof anchors on every home here. This will make it far safer for our snow removal provider and his crew to do their jobs.

  • Landscaping saw some investment in tree removal in the summers of both 2018 and 19 as we continue to assess where new trees may be planted. It has been an issue to have trees planted near roads or driveways, especially in a significant snow year such as we experience in 2018-19. In 2020, we will look to shape a next-steps plan for the overall appearance of our trees and shrubs.

  • Due to a sudden death, we lost Jason Swenson, owner of Interconnect Colorado. He was a true friend to Wildhorse and very helpful provider here since 2010. His help will be seriously missed. Just before his death, Jason and his team installed a thirty-foot tower to our Telco ‘bunkhouse’ to improve our system. For 2020, the Board will be looking at the impact of Jason’s passing in terms of bandwidth, streaming options to Dish Network and the overall value we receive from our internet/TV/phone services budget. There may be new approaches to fulfilling Owner interests and needs for their properties that can provide greater flexibility and value.

  • We are looking to increase our return on investment for the HOA’s reserve funds which exceed $100,000 and should have come to a decision about options by time you are reading this.

  • Quarterly fees have remained the same since we began in 2010 and we forecast no need in the immediate future to increase them.

  • The banning of short-term rentals went into effect in April, 2019 and so far we’ve seen no violations of our policies for an Owner renting. Concurrently, we have had our third HOA-sponsored annual barbeque that has seen more Owners attending. There is a growing sense of community here that we view as increasing the value proposition of Wildhorse ownership. These values include a special place for Owners, their families and friends, a peaceful place with remarkable views, and a well run HOA that “preserves and enhances property values, considers individual interests and serves the common good.”

  • Improvements 2016-2017

    UPDATES & IMPROVEMENTS 2016-17 Maintenance and improvements occurring over the last twenty-four months include:

  • The new irrigation system was further fine-tuned and has proven itself to be a great improvement to new shrubs and trees planted in (9) common areas on the 25 acre Wildhorse property. In the autumn, it cleaned out easily and started right up in the spring… things we never experienced with the original system.

  • We continued to plant more aspens and hired part-time resident Robbie Robinson to mulch every tree on the property and fine-tune the irrigation lines installed in 2015. Also we removed a number of other trees and spruce that were not doing well. This ‘boots on the ground’ approach has significantly improved the overall look under our ‘natural but cared for’ approach to landscaping at Wildhorse. Related to this, we finally put an end to a huge porcupine who had ruined several of our tallest spruce trees near the entrance. It is unlikely that we’ll replace these with new spruce. Instead, we are putting in more aspens as we go forward. 

  • There was a $22.5K investment to upgrade all the original telco equipment (ten years old) for improved reliability, ease of maintenance with remote trouble-shooting capability and greatly increased speed to all homes. This work was successfully done by Internet Colorado, our long-term system provider. We now have 100meg in the development that has significantly improved video streaming for every home.

  • We continue to track changes in providing better individual choices to Owners and consider more ala-carte options that may reduce our Owner fees. We now have the great benefit of new Owner Adam Zatorski and his family living at Wildhorse full time. Adam is a co-owner of King Systems which gives us an on-site resource for trouble-shooting the infrastructure in conjunction with Internet Colorado. King Systems has a range of products and services and can install and maintain remote home controls capabilities as well as audio/TV/entertainment systems. It is great to have Adam and his family along with his expertise coupled with his first-hand knowledge of Wildhorse homes.

  • Board Member Matt Boisen led the charge once again to get all of the Wildhorse homes re-stained. The work took place through the summer of 2017 and was done to an exacting standard by Kuelhorn Painters of Gunnison. The first staining had a life of six years that exceeded expectations. We will monitor this going forward and are planning to see at least another five years before another special assessment is required. The assessment this time around was about $7K per home. 

  • The Board of Directors took on the subject of enforcing the original declarant banning short-term rentals that are less than six months at Wildhorse. This included an informal Owner survey on preferences and several meetings to discuss the issues we have experienced from the limited STR activity we’ve had. The decision was to enforce the original declarant and to put in reasonable rules and regulations for any rentals going forward. In place for 2018 are interim reasonable rules and regulations for STR and the practice will be banned at the end of ski-season 2019. This reflects the will of the majority of Owners, both original buyers and recent. It is still fine to rent at six-month intervals or longer as long and we request those who long term rent to review the requirements that have been adopted. These can be found at www. Wildhorseatprospecthoa.com.  

  • Our opinion is that the while short-term rental ban will remove some buyers from the Wildhorse market, it will appeal to a different demographic of Owners who value a ‘family and friends’ community with peace and predictability assured. Further, a video (found on this website) was produced to reflect the Voice of Wildhorse Owners. It has been sent as a promotional/brand identifying piece to all Gunnison Valley realtors and property managers.  

  • Original Board President Terry Ewing left the Board and John Low has joined in his place. We cannot begin to thank Terry for his leadership and countless hours in the early days of Wildhorse ‘righting its ship.’ Terry, his wife Donna and their family continue to visit and fish up a storm. Terry remains an advisor to the Board on all issues related to Wildhorse insurance policies.

  • Real estate saw the change of Ownership of seven properties. Two new homes in conformance with HOA guidelines have been built and sold by Wildhorse Homes. Another home is nearing completion and on the market. Wildhorse homes now owns the remaining vacant parcels upon which a total of (18) more homes may be built as allowed by our original PUD/plan.

  • After seven years of a multi-layered and complex set of lawsuits, the District 1 vs District 2 litigation was settled. The settlement lifts a long-sitting cloud over the Prospect Metro district and should help clarify valuations going forward for future buyers and sellers.

  • The Trust for Public Lands completed a $24.5 million dollar purchase for the 6000 acre Trampe Ranch and a number of land parcels running between the town of Gothic all the way down to Almont. This significant purchase protects the views we enjoy in the East River Valley just north of our development by placing them into a permanent conservation easement. It ensures no further building in the East River corridor and protects the current views enjoyed by all Wildhorse Owners. This is a huge benefit for Wildhorse Owners and for the entire Mt. Crested Butte community.

  • Toad Property Management under Rob Harper’s leadership has continued to be a solid partner throughout all the changes and improvements mentioned. We are very grateful for and fortunate to have their professional foresight, services and rapid-response support.

  • Looking back a decade since the first Owners began using their homes, Wildhorse has come a very long way. It has never looked or been better here. We continue to foster and deepen a sense of community. We sponsored our first annual barbeque right at the time of our annual meeting that was thoroughly enjoyed by over seventy resident families and friends. We see an increasing number of children and grand-children living and visiting here. We continue to get to know fellow Owners and find this place to offer some truly hard-to-replicate features that Owners deeply value and enjoy.
  • Improvements 2014-2015

    UPDATES & IMPROVEMENTS 2014-15 Maintenance and improvements occurring over the last twenty-four months include:

  • The Association hired Marcus Lock of Law of the Rockies to represent the HOA business. Marcus has been deeply involved with the settlement agreement ending the legislative issues between Prospect owners and Prospect’s developer. This outcome positively impacts current and future valuation of Wildhorse properties

  • We have had a successful transition working with the new owners of Toad Property Management. We continue to refine the quality of our services without having had to raise our quarterly dues paid by Owners. 

  • We have successfully dealt with five abandoned foundations that have been undeveloped since 2007: Wildhorse Homes built two beautiful new homes on Apaloosa Road. Two remaining foundations are ready to be built upon. The duplex foundation was removed and the entire area re-landscaped. This land is now in perpetuity non-developable and has created a far more open and appealing view corridor for all Wildhorse homeowners.

  • The HOA funded $35,000 that purchased a state of the art irrigation system for all common areas. This system is fully mapped and is far easier to maintain and target than what we had previously.

  • The HOA funded another $40,000 for grass reseeding and the planting of over fifty new aspens and spruce trees that are now visible in all common areas of our development. 

  • There is new “Prospect Standard” signage for all our streets as well as a new, well-lit and attractive entrance sign.  

  • The telco shed was restained. In plan is to restain all homes in 2017.  

  • Current Home Stain Colors:

    Sherwin Williams (Oil Base)

    Cedar Bark: The red-orange color on some homes

    Spice Chest: The tan-yellow color found on some homes

    Banyan Brown: The darker brown color found in some homes

    Hawthorn: The brown is the color found on all trim and decks

  • We have unraveled administrative error dating back to the original developer and have officially transferred the common areas to the HOA ownership. Trail easements have been established for a mountain bike trail that crosses the east side of the property. Another original PUD-planned trail that was to parallel Prospect Drive and that would have gone through wetlands has been eliminated from Mt. Crested Butte’s plans.

  • In closing, over the last two years we are experiencing a real sense of community as the quality of Wildhorse owners who have invested in Wildhorse as legacy properties continues to grow. Our HOA Board continues to be supported by talented and individuals committed to our mission.
  • Improvements 2012-2013

    UPDATES & IMPROVEMENTS 2011-13 Maintenance and improvements occurring over the last twenty-four months include:

    Between the summer of 2011 and through the spring of 2013, the WHOA Executive Board succeeded in affecting significant upgrades to all Wildhorse properties. Working with our property managers at Toad Property Management, several local contractors and in negotiations with Haselden Construction, improvements to all thirty existing homes completed between the summer of 2011 and 2013 include:

  • Boisen Costruction re-stained all exterior surfaces to a standard that exceeded original work. This process  launched a systematic assessment of improvements that would benefit every property.

  • Western Slope installed glycerin and an expansion tank management system into the fire suppression system of all homes to protect against freezing and possible leaking or damage from burst pipes.  Glycerin acts as an antifreeze providing protection to -19 degrees Fahrenheit thus significantly improving freeze-protection of our homes. 

  • Olsen Construction added insulation to all attics, re-insulated around all fire suppression lines and then re-tented with heavy-duty plastic to prevent settling and the insulation was correctly reinstalled. Any open voids discovered during attic inspections were carefully sealed with foam insulation (both from inside and out) to eliminate negative impacts from precipitation and cold air infiltration.

  • All homes were inspected by a structural engineer and found to be sound. Over 6000 lineal feet of bracing was recommended to strengthen lateral bracing between trusses. This was installed throughout the thirty homes. 

  • All end-gable end vents were improved with the addition of sturdy baffles to eliminate the wind tunneling effect and precipitation infiltration, while still allowing necessary air exchange. 

  • Falcon Mechanical, the original installer of our mechanical systems, returned to Wildhorse and went house-to-house fixing any original installation defects or code violations where found. 

  • Boisen Construction systematically inspected all log work on each home and reinforcements were added where necessary.  Log trusses received substantial reinforcements within the attic supplementing the deficient existing connections.

  • All log railings surrounding the front and back decks were systematically inspected and reinforced by Boisen Construction.

  • In addition to all the physical upgrades to Wildhorse properties, a cash reserve of $110,000 was established to put the HOA on a sound financial basis and to be in compliance with our bylaw requirements.
  • Improvements 2010-2011

    UPDATES & IMPROVEMENTS 2010-11 Maintenance and improvements occurring over the last twelve months include:

  • Engagement of Toad Property Management for reliable, responsive, and high quality care of the entire development

  • Clarification of all finances and contracts to have a completely transparent budget reflecting accurate costs

  • Engagement of David Leinsdorf as our HOA attorney, highly experienced in all matters relating to Colorado HOAs

  • A special assessment that funded comprehensive and meticulous re-staining and maintenance to every property’s exterior surfaces

  • Engagement of Internet Colorado as our reliable provider of Internet and phone services resulting in faster, better quality services at a 40% savings on fees previously paid

  • Engagement of Star Communications for fiber-optic DISH digital/high definition television services to all homes with optional owner upgrades available resulting in a 40% savings in fees previously paid

  • Documentation of observable and known construction, structural, and safety defects to still be addressed by the builder

  • Work in collaboration with the Town of Mount Crested Butte and CBMR to determine an acceptable bike path as mandated in the original Prospect development agreement

  • Work in collaboration with the Town of Mount Crested Butte to finish landscaping and condemn five unfinished foundations. The possible resolution will be removal of these unfinished foundations unless a new developer commits to commence building in 2012.

  • Work to establish a capable, confidence-inspiring and pro-active Executive Board that has now met all owners